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Great gear alert 🚨. No more hiss with my new O2 headphone amp from @jdslabs. #tinydesk concerts never sounded so good 🤩 🎧 🎶

I'm blown away by the sound quality of the JDS Element with the Massdrop AKG K7XX. Smooth and effortless reproduction of all the frequencies with tons of power on tap. Killer amp and DAC! Great job JDS Labs!

Steve L.

I have had A LOT of audio equipment over the course of my life, but man my @jdslabs element is my favorite. (paired with @Audeze LCD-2's)


JDS does their job well without resorting to Hyperbole to move product out the door. Glad my research led me to this small company with reasonable pricing, solid products.

Tim M.

Just received my objective 2. Everything from packaging. Weight. Material and most of all the audio quality is 10/10. Even was caught off by the esd bag it was contained in. I'll be back for any possible audio needs

Daniel W.

Very good customer service. Absolutely recommend this shop for high quality audiophile equipment. No matter where in the world you are, these guys will take great care of you.

Jeanette Y.

Received today the O2 kit, assembled in some time, and, wow, wow, wow!

Pedro V.

Just great customer service and no nonsense products, just pure performance!


LOVE the copper ring around the volume knob. The Element by @jdslabs is my new desktop DAC.


I love so much your Objective2!! A masterpiece!

Loki C.

Excited to build my cMoyBB!

Michelle G.

A great sounding combination @TIDAL masters as source, through a @jdslabs #ODAC into @YamahaUK AX392 and finally out of my @TannoyHiFi DC6T Digital really is stunning when done properly


Kudos to @jdslabs - not only are their products breathtakingly good. Their customer service and support is equally awesome. Thanks for all the help 🙏


The OL DAC is a remarkable upgrade for me. More transparent. Clean. Real. Even without an amp change. Well done, JDS. Thank you.


Purchased a couple devices from JDS. They are absolutely exemplary in quality. I purchased an Element from them a couple years ago and I've encountered zero reason to purchase another DAC/AMP.

Daniel L.

"Just got my first amp. O2. Great, sturdy little powerhouse. It really opens the soundstage and makes audio fuller with my AKG 700s. I had mine customized as well. Great way to make your amp yours!"

Marlyece B.

"Just got my ODAC, sounds great, this unit is exactly what I needed and what I wanted."

Mark J.

My new cMoyBB head amp just arrived! Looks great and sounds even better!

Joao A.

"Hi, recently purchased The Element, must say that it is the best DAC/AMP that I've used in it's price range, in my eyes (ears) it surpasses even DAC/AMPs double it's price."

Ryan L.

"Man, @jdslabs has a fast shipping department."


"Thanks again, @JDSLabs for the amazing O2 headphone amplifier. Very impressed; eyeing your OL DAC now."


"Arrived this morning.. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Solid build. Solid sound. Cheers JDS Labs!"

Josh F.

"@jdslabs thank you for making the element my favorite amp dac combo ever"


New JDS Labs Element arrived today. Just gonna hang out in my office with headphones all night.


"ODAC REV B - is the best DAC (small size) in the market i ever tested, bullet proof design, very reliable, tested on PC/Mac literal plug-and-go."

Valentas N.

"Enjoying The Element with my Ether Cs!"

Adam N.

Just wanted to commend the excellent customer service; I emailed the DIY section with a query regarding my failed O2 amp and I thought the "we respond fast" header would get me a response in 24-48 hours, I was shocked to receive a response from a real person within 20 minutes!

Sam J.

Element 3 is installed and what can I say. What an upgrade. The screen is so useful and I absolutely love the volume control increments. It just feels so satisfying to change the volume now!


Just wanted to thank the team! The Element III pairs beautifully with the Focal Clears.


Hey guys, I finally pulled the trigger on an element 3 and I've gotta say, I absolutely love it. The monolithic knob is exactly what I wanted sitting on my desk.


Just got one of these the other day, have two of the original stacks but it's the first + version. Wow, on the Beyerdynamic T90 they sound exceptional, just tons of power in low gain for 250 ohm stuff. 

The element 3 sounds amazing on my PC, and oh my gosh, have you absolutely crushed it with this product!


I’m loving the III. Picked up some Edition XS cans and the pairing is perfect.


ELEMENT III was originally a luxurious product both in visual and sound, but the newly changed ELEMENT III's knob [MK2] feels really gorgeous. I'm very happy to be able to spend a lot of time with this wonderful device.


I just wanted to say this is my first stack [Atom HEVI] and it is absolutely incredible!! I wanted to thank you all for the amazing work you do because these are truly incredible products! Keep up the great work



Very pleased. Wondering why it took me so long, lol. Hearing nuance and details I hadn’t heard before.

I’d recommend your gear to everyone.


Have been using my Element III mk2 for a couple months now and am still absolutely enamoured with it.


Have had my Element III for about 5 months, and I f******' love it.


Got the Atom DAC 2 and it feels amazing compared to my OG Amp which flexes and creaks like a toy.


The Element III MK2 arrived today, and it is amazing. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes, even on my normal audio hardware. I now feel stupid for ever buying that creative soundcard, if so much better things exist. Thx again for the suggestion, I love it!


Just wanted to let you know that I'm so, so, so happy with the Element III Mk2 I bought.


Wow. That’s all I can say with what I’ve heard so far today. My orrder got here in 48 hours and it sounds fantastic. You run an impressive operation. Thanks again, I’ll be singing your praises to everyone I know. 


Just a short note to say that I got the Atom and I’ve never heard my HD600 sing like this before! Sounds amazing! I’m now a fan of JDS Labs for life. 


Got the EL AMP II+ last night and am having difficulty stopping my feet tapping! Thanks to you and your team John.


I have received the Atom 2 stack today and I absolutely love it.


I am new to the audio market and was recommended to buy the Atom Series 2 (Amp and DAC) by a close friend. I have received your products, and I am quite pleased with the amazing quality of it. It sounds like I'm in an actual studio while using it with my 80-ohm headset. 


First, received my atom 2 bundle the other day after reading rave reviews online and ordering. They did not disappoint! I love this stack and my open back hifimans more than I ever thought I could.


New atom2 arrived. Wow, just wow. The aluminum enclosure really makes a world of difference, so sleek. I LOVE IT. Thank you again


I've been listening to my new [Atom 2] stack for the majority of the evening and wow, you and your team did a fantastic job with the new gear! The audible refinements you have managed to achieve is noticeable coming from my Element 2.




Ear-Fidelity: JDS Labs Element III - Highly Recommended

When you look at the components, the E3 seems a little like a more fancy version of the Atom+ combo. Damn, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The difference in sound is gigantic.

Audio Science Review The Atom

We have arrived at the golden age of headphone amplification folks. What JDS Labs Atom delivers for just $99 is astonishing. Performance is without fault. Plenty of power is available for even high impedance headphones like Sennheiser HD-650. We are talking clean, clean, power.


"They aren't worrying about crazy features or silly audio formats. They are just trying to make straight forward, great sounding gear for people who want to enjoy the subtleties of their music without taking out a second mortgage on their house."


"It's amazing what just small amounts of adjustment make. Squeaky clean are the words that come to mind."


"This amp offers a really terrific value. When the well detailed, ever so slightly warm EL DAC meets the clean, linear EL amp, it is just pure, musical goodness. I'm not sure what, if anything, wouldn't sound right as rain when connected to these two."

CNET Element Review

The JDS Labs Element's impressive power output and sound quality make it an ideal choice for anyone who invested in a pair of high-end full-size headphones.


"You can marry this little low noise, low jitter, low distortion DAC to any amp you wish and end up with banging budget audiophile results (did I mention that the OL DAC is $139?)"


"Thanks and great work on the eq! I will probably end up buying another for home, as I use my first one at work."

Headfonia Element Review

I've got to admit to feeling naked: JDS must know how obsessed I am about knobs. And design elegance. There are three buttons on Element: an attenuator, a mains nipple, and THE KNOB. Sorry for shouting, but damn, just look at it. It's practically a turn table.

hearfidelity ELEMENT REVIEW

"More than enough to handle anything and everything I threw at it. It responded in spades. Not only is it powerful, it's absolutely clean."


"I think this DAC is a great value. For $139, you get a well-built, well-design, high performance DAC. It is audibly transparent, and if NwAVGuy were still around, I'm sure he'd praise it as objective, just like his original product designs."

hearfidelity EL DAC REVIEW

"The design is subtly stunning and it has more than enough I/O options to satisfy every use-case I could foresee."

GQ Element Review

JDS Labs' The Element amp/digital-to-audio converter enriches your sound without requiring audiophile expertise.

Headphone.Guru EL DAC Review

When was it that electronics started becoming so complex with their interface knobs, switchboard quantity of I/O, and computer GUI options. The EL DAC drop kicks all that out the door and brings in something more sensible.

Headfonia Reviews JDS Labs Atom Amp

Atom is clean and precise. It outperforms the price tag and it comes as no surprise to say that it is my personal recommendation for a neutral, balanced amplifier at a low budget.

Mshenay on JDS Labs Atom Amp

It is hands DOWN a breathtaking unit to listen to and it unquestionably sets a new standard for what's possible from a $99 Amplifier!


Neutral, transparent, clean. These are the words that come to my mind when I try to describe the sound signature of the stack. In my opinion, JDS did an excellent job with both of the units and they sound way above their price tag.

HFN Recommended | JDS Labs Atom+ AMP

The Atom line is focused on sheer performance and performance only. JDS aimed for a no-BS amplifier that is easy to operate, hella powerful, and compact. Under hundred dollars, it was crazy at the end of 2018, it is still crazy in 2021. 

Audiophile-Heaven's Hall of Fame

JDS Labs is one of the very few companies that actually do manage to achieve perfect balance for their products . . .

Headfonia: JDS Labs Element III Review

If you need a capable, technically proficient all-in-one DAC & AMP, the EL3 is one of the finest options on the market.


To say I recommend it is an understatement.

I’ve been pushing their products for many years and I don’t receive any commissions for them.

If that doesn’t tell you how much I value their amps, I don’t know what does!

Headfonia - Atom Amp+ HEVI Review

Once more, the Atom Amp+ (Hevi) earns my full recommendation as THE best headphone amplifier for anyone seeking a sub-$200 model. A no-brainer, outperforming many, if not every, amp available in this category at the time of writing.

TNT-Audio Reviews JDS Labs EL DAC II+

EL DAC II+ is unexceptionally well-executed DAC. I have no doubt that you (or I) could spend far more but I'm not sure you can get anything better anywhere near this price.

JDS Labs Atom 2 Stack Review

I honestly think that every audiophile should have a no-frills Atom 2 Amp on their desk. It’s simply that good.

JDS Atom Amp 2 Headphone Amplifier Review

For $129, you get an essentially flawless, state of the art headphone amplifier in the form of Atom 2. [. . .] Really, I can't think of anything negative to say even though I am good at that sort of thing!