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EL DAC II+ is available in one of two physical arrangements:

Add Balanced Outputs - Adds Balanced TRS Outputs and retains single-ended RCA Outputs to provide flexibility of connecting to any amplifier.

Add BT5 Module - Adds a high-performance Bluetooth 5.1 input module and antenna instead of Balanced Outputs. The Bluetooth receiver transmits the digital audio stream directly to EL DAC II+'s D/A converter. Supported protocols include:

  • apt-X
  • apt-X HD
  • apt-X Low Latency
  • AAC
  • SBC
  • Covered by our 2-year transferable warranty

Simplified Audio, Re-engineered

We designed the Element Line for precision fit and function. EL DAC II+ furthers the exceptional performance of its predecessor with relay muting, an XMOS based UAC2 engine with PCM and DSD support, transformer isolated coaxial input, and a higher performance optical input. Optionally choose Balanced Outputs for the flexibility of connecting to any amplifier, or choose a BT5 Module for wireless streaming. Stack with EL Amp II+ or EL Amp II+ Balanced for single button switching between headphones and speakers.


MEMS Oscillator

Relay Muting

USB Audio Class 2

Externally Powered

Light Ring

Differential Summing Output

Transformer Isolated S/PDIF

ASIO and DSD Support

Upgradeable Firmware

Optional Bluetooth 5


DAC Performance

  • Frequency Response 10Hz-20kHz +/- 0.12 dB
  • SINAD @ 1kHz, 20-22.4kHz > 112 dB
  • THD+N, 20Hz-20kHz < 0.0004%
  • SNR, 20Hz-20kHz > 117 dB
  • IMD CCIF, 19/20 kHz -6 dBFS -115 dB
  • Noise, A-Weighted -112 dBV
  • Dynamic Range, AES17, A-Weighted 120 dB
  • Linearity Error -90 dBFS -0.02 dB
  • Crosstalk, 1kHz, 100k Input -132 dB
  • Maximum Single-Ended Output (RCA) 2.0 VRMS
  • Maximum Balanced Output (TRS) 4.0 VRMS
  • USB Jitter Components @ 12kHz -130 dB
  • PCB Stackup 4 Layers


  • Case Dimensions 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.9 in
  • Weight 13 oz

Data Support

  • Audio Formats (USB) 16/44.1kHz thru 32/384kHz PCM, DSD64-DSD128
  • Audio Formats (S/PDIF) 16/44.1kHz thru 24/192kHz 1.
  • USB Interface UAC2 with UAC1 Fallback 2.
  • USB Driver OS Support Windows 10/11, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch 3.
  • Bluetooth 5.1 SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency 4.


  • Digital Inputs USB, TOSLINK, and Coaxial S/PDIF
  • Line-Output (SE) RCA
  • Line-Output (Balanced) TRS 5.
  • 1. Many sources are unable to reliably transmit at 192kHz.
  • 2. UAC1 supported by UAC1 Fallback Cable, sold separately
  • 3. Appropriate cables are required for Android, iOS, and PS5
  • 4. Bluetooth mode requires optional BT5 Module
  • 5. Balanced Outputs are installed by default. Please note the optional BT5 module takes the place of Balanced Outputs.

Packaged Items

  • EL DAC II+
  • 15VAC Power Adapter → Please note current batch is labelled '14VAC 500mA'
  • 3ft USB Type A to Type B Cable w/Ferrite
  • 6ft TOSLINK Cable


  • XMOS Driver v5.68 for Win 10/11

    XMOS driver v5.68 supports Windows 10/11, and is optional. No drivers are required for macOS, Linux, or Windows 10/11.

    This driver enables ASIO support, provides the ability to view and adjust Buffer Settings (latency), supports 16/24/32-bitrates, and adds full DSD64-128 support to Atom DAC+, Atom DAC 2, EL DAC II+, and Element III (MK2).

    All XMOS based JDS Labs DACs are supported, including:

    • Element III (MK2)
    • Atom DAC 2
    • Atom DAC(+)
    • EL DAC II(+)
    • Element II


    This driver is developed and maintained by Thesycon, and licensed to JDS Labs. Please find the full change log at TUSBAudio_history.txt.

  • Optional - XMOS Firmware Update Utility (DFU) for Win 10/11

    This optional application for Windows 10/11 allows you to install firmware updates to XMOS based JDS Labs DACS, including:

    • Element III
    • Element II
    • EL DAC II(+)
    • Atom DAC(+)
    • Atom DAC 2

    To use, unzip the folder and follow instructions in the article How to Install an XMOS Firmware Update.

  • XMOS Driver v4.13.0 for Win7/8 - EL DAC II

    Archived XMOS driver v4.13.0 is required for UAC2 in Windows 7/8. Alternatively, you may use UAC1 fallback.

    For Win10/11, please use the most recent XMOS driver v5.30.0.


  • EL DAC II+ Firmware v2.1.2

    Please install the latest XMOS Driver, then use the Optional XMOS Driver and XMOS Firmware Update Utility (DFU).

    Please refer to:

    Please refer to included README.txt for further information. Detailed installation guidance for all operating systems can also be found in the article, How to Install an XMOS Firmware Update


    v2.1.2 (Released Nov 09, 2022)
    * Mute output when USB audio is inactive, to prevent unexpected sounds from Linux or Android systems

    v2.1.0 (Released Feb 23, 2022)

    * Updated core XUD, USB, and I2C libraries
    * Move to RAM based-settings developed for Element III
    * Enforce de-emphasis OFF in USB mode, and Auto de-emphasis in S/PDIF mode
    * Improved error handling when USB Host is in standby
    * Faster mode switching
    * Changed default DPLL from 5 to 7 to improve general compatibility with 4k TVs
    * Improved UAC1 Descriptors to support Nintendo Switch
    * Disable operating system volume controls by default: Support PS4/PS5

    Warning: EL DAC II+ firmware is NOT compatible with EL DAC II. For more information, please see Custom Firmware Builds.

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