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USB Audio Class 1 UAC1 Fallback Cable

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This custom USB cable forces UAC1 mode on all current JDS Labs DACs for connecting to PS4/PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

Atom DAC 2 is equipped with a USB Type C jack. You may choose the bundled cable to suit your setup. Performance is the same either way:

  • Type A to Type C - Fits standard USB ports
  • Type C to Type C - Fits Type C ports found on newer systems.



This custom USB cable forces UAC1 mode on all current JDS Labs DACs for connecting to PS4/PS5. Connect your DAC's original, Black USB cable for full UAC2 features.

For more information, please refer to Custom Firmware Builds.

Direct connections are preferred. If you need to connect your DAC more than 3ft away, you may use a USB hub to serve as an extension.

Connecting to PS4/PS5

PS5 Owners: Be sure to connect to one of the USB ports on the rear side of your PS5. The front USB port may introduce noise.

Also Note: PS4 and PS5 are known to limit USB Audio output volume. Please be sure to install PS4/PS5 tested firmware to force proper volume levels. All current DACs ship with appropriate firmware. For older DACs, you may need to update your firmware.


  • EL DAC II: v1.6.7
  • Element II: v1.3.A
  • Atom DAC: v1.4.7


Connecting to Nintendo Switch

You will need to install firmware tested with Nintendo Switch to connect. Feel free to describe your special request in the Shipping Notes field during checkout and we can load firmware for you:

  • Atom DAC+: > v2.1.0 (default)
  • Atom DAC: v1.4.8


  • Connectors Type A to Type B USB
  • Length 3ft (1 meter)
  • USB Specification Full Speed, 12Mbps 1.
  • Cable Type Active USB Repeater

  • 1. This cable is intended for streaming UAC1 audio at 24/48kHz, typical of gaming consoles, and supports up to 24/96kHz via direct connection to a PC.

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