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Element II

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Customize the color of your Element II's knob accent ring!

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  • Covered by our 2-year transferable warranty

Simplified Audio, Re-engineered

We redesigned Element II to maximize your desktop audio experience. Element II packs the performance you expect from JDS Labs into a precision machined aluminum chassis, with an equally impressive 32/384k DAC, and button activated preamp RCA outputs. Enjoy the comfortable knob and seamless transitions between your powered speakers and headphones!

It's extremely simple, it makes my desk look clean, and everything I put on it sounds absolutely phenomenal.

DMS, November 2019

Subjectively it is all you want in a desktop product to drive headphones.

Audio Science Review, November 2019

No one should want more than what this dac/amp is giving you, especially for the money, especially for the looks.

Z Reviews, November 2019



Element II provides preamp RCA outputs, so that you can control volume of your powered speakers.


The Mode button allows you to toggle between headphones and powered speakers. No need to disconnect cables!


With +/-15VDC rails and continuous max power of 1.3W, Element II drives all headphones on the market to extroardinary levels, from balanced armatures to planar magnetics.


Element II is our most advanced amp+DAC to date, achieving top performance from its 4-layer, star grounded layout.


Low gain of 1.0x is well suited to driving efficient IEMs, while High gain easily powers demanding full size sets.


Designed for desktop listening, Element II's full relay muting eliminates pops and thumps during startup through both its headphone and preamp outputs.


Element II's USB DAC is clocked by an SiTime MEMS oscillator with ±10ppm frequency stability, delivering pristine jitter.


Element II supports up to 32/384kHz PCM over a custom XMOS XU208 based UAC2 engine. While we claim no measurable superiority of high sampling rates, UAC2 and ASIO support satisfy your pursuit of bitperfect listening.


Element II's amplifier and DAC are 100% powered by its external AC transformer, with 12 regulators ensuring consistent rail voltage and super low ripple.


DAC Performance

  • Frequency Response 10Hz-20kHz +/- 0.13 dB
  • THD+N 20Hz-20kHz < 0.001%
  • IMD CCIF 19/20 kHz -6.03 dBFS 0.00041%
  • IMD SMPTE -6.03 dBFS 0.00029%
  • Noise (A-Weighted) -109 dBu
  • Dynamic Range (A-Weighted) 118 dB
  • Linearity Error -90 dBFS 0.0 dB
  • Crosstalk -10 dBFS 100K RCA -107 dB
  • USB Jitter Components 12 kHz -127 dB

AMP Performance

  • Frequency Response 10Hz-20kHz +/- 0.02 dB
  • THD+N 1Khz, 150 Ω 0.0008%
  • THD+N 20Hz-20kHz < 0.001%
  • IMD CCIF 19/20 kHz -6.03 dBFS 0.0001%
  • IMD SMPTE -6.03 dBFS 0.0005%
  • Noise (A-Weighted) -115 dBu
  • Crosstalk -10 dBFS 100K RCA -88 dB
  • Output Impedance < 0.7 Ω
  • Channel Balance +/- 0.56 dB
  • Max Continuous Power, 600 Ω 165 mW (9.9 VRMS)
  • Max Continuous Power, 150 Ω 656 mW (9.9 VRMS)
  • Max Continuous Power, 32 Ω 1.3 W (6.53 VRMS)


  • Case Dimensions 5.8 x 5.8 x 1.6 in
  • Weight 18 oz

Data Support

  • Interface USB Audio Class 2
  • Windows 7/8/10, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS 16, 24, 32-bit @ 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 384 kHz


  • Analog Input RCA
  • Preamp Output RCA
  • Digital Input USB - Type B


  • Headphone Output 6.35mm (1/4")
  • Dual Gain 1.0x and 4.73x
  • Volume Potentiometer Taper Alps 15A

Packaged Items

  • Element II, Amplifier+DAC
  • 16VAC Power Adapter
  • 3ft USB Type A to Type B Cable w/Ferrite


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